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It starts with a beautiful, hand-selected, real wood veneer. 

Next, the natural wood is transformed during a proprietary process that bonds resins and specially engineered surface layers to the veneer. 

The result is a full range of enhanced wood products, engineered for improved durability, hardness, abrasion resistance, and moisture stability. 

All of these characteristics become integral to the finished wood. That means with Parklex, you get all of the beauty of real wood with NO ongoing maintenance such as sanding or refinishing that is traditionally associated with other wood products.  

Parklex is rated for commercial and other heavy use areas. The improved performance and durability allow our products to be used for new applications such as high humidity conditions- even in wet locations like showers.

And because Parklex offers multiple formats, you have the ability to keep a consistent appearance throughout your projects- from floors, to walls, to ceilings and beyond. 


  • No Maintenance - No Refinishing/Sanding

  • High Wear & Abrasion Resistance

  • 4 Formats to Keep Consistency Throughout Projects

  • Approved for Wet Environments

  • Slip Resistant

  • Antibacterial Surface

  • Class A & B Fire Ratings Available

  • Lightfast

  • Over 15 Wood Species Available

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Wet Internal is a natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings, highly resistant to moisture and suitable for bathrooms, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and porches.

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Hy Tek is an ultra-low maintenance wood floor, conceived for internal applications. Specifically designed for high-traffic environments such as hotels, offices, museums, airports, shops etc., it is also perfect for residential schemes and ideally suited for installation over UFH systems.

The water-resistant surface applied to all finishes and woods, enables Hy Tek floors to be installed to areas in frequent contact with water, along with an option of high specification slip resistance.



Due to its resistance and hardness, Dry Internal is the ideal natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings in high traffic areas such as museums, offices, hotels and institutions.

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Skin is a thin cladding of high-density stratified natural wood for interiors, exteriors and flooring. Its low thickness makes it flexible and allows for application on doors, columns, furniture and raised flooring.

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Parklex has the ability to perforate or slat any of their product panels for acoustical solutions.

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Parklex wall and ceiling products are available in 15 wood species. The Woodskin surface provides a slight satin appearance, providing the physical sensation of the grain and knots in the original wood veneer.

Wood is a natural product; therefore, each veneer must be considered as unique. Slight differences in color, grain and structure are completely normal. Peculiarities such as knots or resin inclusions are not defects and should always be considered as part of the decoration. Depending on the species and origin of the wood, there are differences in light fastness behavior. For this reason, no claims will be accepted based on differences/changes in tone between the sample and the final product.

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