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A poured material allows for endless possibilities. Terrazzo stairs are occasionally cast in place but more commonly precast. Whatever substrate, concrete or metal, use terrazzo to create beautiful custom stair treads and risers cast specific to your project needs. There are numerous different tread and tread riser designs. Below you'd find a few of the most common tread details. These tread designs can be produced in both self supporting or fully supported designs. Tread thickness varies based on the length of the tread so please consult with us to specify the correct thickness. We are please to offer these terrazzo tread details in REVIT, CAD and PDF. Please email me for CAD and REVIT files. We look forward to quoting and supplying your project!


Need to find the perfect terrazzo color

Check out our terrazzo sample page. Browse our samples collections or have a custom sample produced. Terrazzo offers a truly unlimited color palette, allowing you to match any paint color, mix and match different types aggregate as well as the desired size of the aggregate


Our terrazzo stair REVIT files integrate with our railing REVIT details for seamless design of your monumental stairs. 

Revit Railing Details
Revit Railing Details

Consider our Precast Polished Concrete Treads or HPL Wood Treads as Value Engineering 0ptions. 

Polished Concrete Stair Treads
Wood Stair Treads


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